LEUCHTTURM1917 Journals

We are proud to stock this range of fantastic products from Leuchtturm here at Woods the Stationers. These impressive journals and notebooks have been a huge success with our customers and are a true novelty as they are still a relatively unknown brand here in the UK.

Leuchtturm1917 is a truly undiscovered gem, but it has actually got rather a lot of experience in producing high-quality stationery materials as they started out back in 1917. Whilst their stationery is wonderful, they have perhaps become best known for their exquisite postage stamp and coin collector cases.

Over the course of their history, Leuchtturm1917 have gone from strength to strength, breaking out of the German market and settling firmly into the global one. Leuchtturm’s products have always been associated with high quality and craftsmanship and this is no different today, with customers having very positive experiences with Leuchtturm1917’s products. Many of the items in the Leuchtturm collection are made in the same distinctive way as they were back in the very early years of the company. This means that a great deal of attention is paid to the little details; something that Leuchtturm knows makes a big difference to their loyal customers and separates them from many of their rival manufacturers.

Amongst our range of Leuchtturm1917 stationery at Woods, you will find a broad selection of notebooks and journals to choose from. Often we find that our customers may come in for a specific journal by another brand, but end up leaving with a Leuchtturm1917 after they have seen the quality of this excellent stationery. The vast majority of these particular customers return to us time and time again specifically for new Leuchtturm1917 stationery.

As Leuchtturm’s tag-line notes, “details make all the difference”. Some of the aspects that make Leuchtturm1917 notebooks stand out from their competitors are little things like pages having numbers, having a table of contents space as well as having perforated pages towards the back for tear-away notes. Details such as these can make all the difference to those who regularly use notebooks to write and take notes. Other benefits of Leuchtturm notebooks include high quality paper, a small pocket pouch on the inside of the back cover and smart bindings, which allow the notebook to sit on a flat surface very well. All of these features come together to make Leuchtturm1917 notebooks extremely popular and a must have accessory for a writing enthusiast.

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